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The Prattville Service League Constitution and Bylaws have been updated.  



The Prattville Service League is currently seeking new members.  If you are interested in the joining the League or would like additional information please contact the League at 


Thank you for Celebrating Labor Day with the Prattville Service League!  Through this fundraising event the League raised over $8,000.  The money raised is given back to charitable organizations through grants.  If you are interested in applying for a grant, please click on the "Grants" tab above. ~ Rhianna Davis


​Volunteer your time at a PSL Fundraising Event - Contact Rhianna Davis at

Volunteer your time at a PSL Service Event - Contact Samantha Bowen at


Become a PSL sponsor - Contact Blake Pruitt at or visit the PSL Sponsors webpage for more information.

If you would like to partner with PSL in promoting a community event or organization, we invite you to speak at one of our meetings. Please contact for details. 

Become a PSL member - complete and mail in or email the PSL membership application:

The Prattville Service League is currently seeking new members.  We are a dynamic group of women dedicated to helping and improving our community through service and monetary contributions.  As well as making a difference in our community, we develop wonderful friendships that last a lifetime.

The Prattville Service League was chartered on April 1, 1947 for the purpose of fostering interest among its members in the economic, educational, civic, and cultural conditions of Prattville and making effective voluntary services in these areas. 

The Prattville Service League is a wonderful organization for women who want to be involved in helping their community.  We hope that you will consider becoming a member and take this opportunity to make a difference!  We believe that you would be a tremendous asset in accomplishing the work of the Prattville Service League.

The Members of the Prattville Service League recently voted on the 2017 - 2018 Board of Control.  Thank you to all of the ladies who are willing to serve in this capacity.  Please check out the "About PSL" tab for more information.